SEATTLE waterfront connex

(pilot period ends September 30, 2017)

Seattle Waterfront Connex is an express east-west connection between the Waterfront and downtown Seattle. The Connex vehicles loop from Seattle Waterfront businesses, attractions and ferries to the Convention Center and Westlake Center transit hub - 7 days per week, 13+ hours per day beginning in July 2017 and running through Septemebr 2017. It is a 3-month private transportation pilot operated by the Emerald City Trolley ownership in public-private collaboration with local community and business leaders. The goal of the project is to learn more about mobility needs for commuters and visitors who travel between Waterfront businesses and attractions and the rest of the city.  With greater participation and feedback, we hope to be able to attract new funding and support that will shape a more robust set of transportation solutions in 2018. 

The current pilot ends September 30, 2017. 



We'd like to hear from you about how this service helps you travel along and between the Waterfront and the downtown core. This 3-month pilot has a little for everyone. Running 7:30 to 9 pm through September 2017. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Season passes available. We hope the information we gather will help to shape new, more permanent solutions for an east-west circulator service in the future.


Welcome to Seattle. The Waterfront offers some of the greatest views and greatest attractions. The Seattle Waterfront Connex is your ticket to enjoy the attractions and restaurants the Seattle Waterfront has to offer with an easy ride back uphill to the Convention Center, the Westlake Plaza and businesses and hotels in the downtown core.